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Index > Resources > Museum Rolling Stock > SDJR 2-8-0 No.88

The Trust's largest and heaviest museum exhibit is former SDJR 7F 2-8-0, No. 88, built in 1925. Restored from scrapyard condition between 1969 and 1987, this splendid Somerset locomotive subsequently provided the mainstay of the West Somerset Railway's motive power for nearly nine years. The locomotive was then withdrawn for overhaul, which was completed in late 2005.

No. 88 is now on fully-repairing lease to the West Somerset Railway plc until 30 April 2020. Since her overhaul, the locomotive has run over 22,300 miles.

88 performed without trouble during 2008, and in addition to 7,200 miles in public service on the WSR, also ran 521 miles on the Severn Valley Railway. She was affected by the rail profile problem, which impacted on all the large steam locomotives on the WSR during the year. As a result, during the winter period 2008/9, the engine had her tyre profiles restored over a ground lathe.

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